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End of the year show!

New Kids Night Out Schedule!

September 17th                National Gymnastics Day

October 22nd                            Halloween!

November 19th                         Turkey Day!

December 10th                      Red and Green!

Mommie and Me Playground Days! 

Our Next KNO will be Saturday, November 19th. Remember; Don't be a Turkey! Come to KNO!

We will be opening up our doors for parents with preschoolers ages 18 months to 5 year olds for 2 hours on Fridays.

When: Fridays from 12-2 pm

Price: $10 for Members- $12 for non-members

What is Playground days?

New Orleans in the summer is just so darn hot! Who wants to bring their kids to the park where they are fighting ants, the heat, and unsafe playgrounds? 

Instead you can bring your kids to Empire Gymnastics where we have scaled down gymnastics equipment for your preschoolers to play on in the AC! This is not a structured preschool class, so if your child is working on perfecting their forward/backward rolls or you just need a safe space for them to burn off that excess energy, Empire is the place to be!


We will have a show for all  friends, family members who would like to come. We are calling it out "Mini-Jazz In House Meet"!

When: December 17th

Cost: $20

Price includes a t-shirt for the students.

We also have a Leotard for sale with our logo on the chest for $35.

Next week will be the last week to sign up to get a leotard!

We will be accepting sign-ups for the show until December 1st.

Upcoming Events!

Sign up for KNO's through our Parent Portal under the camps section!

Olympic Week Pictures!

Current News

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Looking for the perfect place to hold your young ones special day?  For exclusive use of our gym to hold your party give us a call. Click the link below for more information.

Birthday Parties

Welcome to Empire Gymnastics. We have an 8,000 sqft facility with gymnastics equipment for ages 18 mo. to 18+. Offering  free trial classes for the first timer. You can call us OR! log into our Parent Portal to view and select from a list of our classes, from our Mommie and Me program to Adult Classes. If your want it, we have it!

Kids Night Out

KNO is held once a month on Saturday night from 6-10pm. Just click the link below for more information!

With over 20 years experience in gymnastics. Empire strives to provide the best, not only in our gymnastics teaching abilities, but also in our customer service. All of our staff goes through special training to be part of our team

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