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Level 1- $75 per month
Level 2- $85 per month
Level 3- $95 per month

Coming soon!

You will be able to visit our YouTube channel to see all the skills required to move on from level to level, so you know how they are supposed to look!

Class Description:

Recreational Gymnastics

Empire has a 3 level system for our Girls and Boys classes. All of the levels have a progressive skill tree that you will be able to follow and track at home with a copy of your own!

Level 1: Children will learn all the basics of gymnastics positions and skills on each event.

As children learn their new skills they will be sent home with a piece of paper noting their accomplishments!

Level 2: Once they have masted Level 1 they will move onto our next class where they will start to put all of those basic body positions into motion!

Level 3: This is our Advance Class where kids will  start learning all those amazing skills they see our Boys and Girls Team perform with ease! This is where our classes start to become more concentrated on form and technique preparing the children for Team if they chose to do so!